Avinext provides SMART Interactive Whiteboard products and solutions designed for grades K-12, intended to foster a supportive classroom environment, provide equal access to learning and customize lessons to the needs of each student.  The K-12 SMART technology gives students the ability to participate in the classroom both socially and academically since it offers:

  • Visual Support
  • Physical & Mobility Support
  • Auditory Support
  • Social Communication Support

When you invest in SMART Interactive whiteboard products, your classroom benefits in several ways:

Core Products for every classroom.

  • Present your lessons via a touch-sensitive SMART Board interactive whiteboard.
  • Receive SMART Notebook shared learning software, which give you the tools to deliver your message.
  • Join the SMART Exchange Community, which provides you with numerous learning resources and opportunities to interact with other teachers around the world.

SMART Classroom

Receive product tools and accessories for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard that are good for all group sizes and subjects, such as math, special education, science, technology, early education or distance learning.  Some of the tools are:

  • SMART Podium 500 Series Interactive Pen Display
  • LightRaise™ 40wi Interactive Projector
  • SMART Document Camera™
  • SMART Response Interactive Response System
  • And many more


Click here to view our SMART Showcase, which includes a full portfolio of K-12 SMART products and solutions available through Avinext.

Service and Training

When you purchase K-12 SMART solutions through Avinext, we’ll customize, install and support your system for your school as well as provide training from our SMART Certified Trainers.

SMART Exchange

Once Avinext installs your SMART solutions for you, you’ll have access to the SMART Exchange Community to discover and share new educational ideas with other teachers from around the world.   In addition, your SMART Exchange login also gives you access to the SMART Learning Space.

Through the SMART Learning Space, you’ll have access to:

  • Interactive learning experiences to help with teaching and to improve student knowledge.
  • NEW SMART certification programs to support interactive teaching, lesson development and education administration.
  • NEW SMART Course Credit System to support accumulation of credits toward certifications, SMART merchandise and more.
  • And much more!

To learn more about Avinext’s K-12 SMART Technology, contact us today.