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Avinext provides SMART Interactive Whiteboard products and solutions to support academic success for Higher Education students by adding interactive and visual dimensions to their course material.  The SMART technology is convenience for instructors since they’re able to:

  • Write over course material in digital ink.
  • Save notes for future lessons.
  • Easily supply materials to students.

In addition, educators and administrators are able to stay current with the latest updates in the education field through a virtual learning environment called the SMART Learning Space. Through the SMART Learning Space, you’ll have access to:

  • Interactive learning experiences to help with teaching and to improve student knowledge.
  • NEW SMART certification programs to support interactive teaching, lesson development and education administration.
  • NEW SMART Course Credit System to support accumulation of credits toward certifications, SMART merchandise and more.
  • And much more!

 Service and Training

When you purchase higher education SMART solutions through Avinext, we’ll customize, install and support your system for your school as well as provide training from our SMART Certified Trainers. You’ll gain complete knowledge of the products available to you, such as:

  • SMART Board Interactive whiteboards
  • SMART Podium 500 Series interactive pen display
  • SMART Bridgit Conferencing software
  • SMART Slate wireless slate
  • And many more

Click here to view our SMART Showcase, which includes a full portfolio of Higher Education SMART products and solutions available through Avinext.

To learn more about Higher Education SMART Technology options available through Avinext, contact us today.