Avinext provides SMART Interactive Whiteboard products and solutions to help bring staff members together from remote locations or to assist employee productivity within a single location.  The Business SMART technology is ideal for teams to:

  • Share ideas.
  • Collaborate on reports.
  • Conduct presentations face-to-face.

Business SMART solutions are designed for companies and organizations across numerous industries, such as:

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction: offers Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to share and view information easily.
  • Financial Services: Simplify and share digital information within the global market without delay to either local or global colleagues or clients.
  • Healthcare: Competently present and review medical digital information with patients or colleagues.
  • High Technology: Discuss with your team, locally or globally, your technology information such as R&D and engineering issues.
  • Legal Services: Share and manage all legal records and documents proficiently to keep productivity at its best.
  • Manufacturing: Maximize productivity by communicating with your local or global teams and suppliers.
  • Telecommunications: Stay connected with your team by sharing digital information from remote or home offices.

How do you decide which SMART solution is best suited for your business environment? Avinext’s professional team can help you choose from several options available: In-Room, Room-to-Room and Room-to-Desktop. All three options allow participants to write in digital ink over any application, including Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint or save your work as a PDF or PPT file. Once the meeting is over, simply email the documents so everyone has a copy.

  • In-Room: Fosters productivity by allowing teams to collaborate on ideas while working together, whether in a scheduled meeting or an informal brainstorming session.
  • Room-to-Room: This option allows you to connect with teams in other locations to share information, concepts or strategies.
  • Room-to-Desktop: This allows remote workers to participate in office meetings as well as actively follow along and contribute to the meeting.

Service and Training

When you purchase SMART solutions through Avinext, we’ll customize, install and support your system for your business as well as provide training from our SMART Certified Trainers. You’ll have complete knowledge of the products available to you, such as:

  • SMART Board Interactive whiteboard systems
  • SMART Board interactive displays
  • SMART Podium 500™ Series interactive pen display
  • SMART Meeting Pro software
  • SMART Bridgit Conferencing software
  • And many more

Click here to view our SMART Showcase, which includes a full portfolio of Business SMART products and solutions available through Avinext.

To learn more about Business SMART Technology options available through Avinext, contact us today.