Transform your Learning Environment with
SMART Technology

Unlike competitors who saw SMART Boards as simply another product on their line card, Avinext was a SMART customer before we were a dealer. Our first experience with SMART Technologies was in 1999 when we opened a training center offering a variety of business and technical courses. Our goal was simple: offer the best training possible by employing knowledgeable, dynamic instructors and equip them with cutting edge technology to transform the learning experience.

To accomplish this, we installed SMART Boards front and center in every classroom. As instructors taught the daily lesson, students were amazed by the ability to touch, write, and save digital ink and to “drive” the computer from the board. Our instructors were constantly explaining what a SMART Board is and how it works. They were equally amazed by student engagement and retention levels. It soon became clear that SMART Boards were a game changer for any learning environment.

First a customer, then a fan, and finally a dealer: Avinext is proud to be the leading provider of Smart Technologies in the South Central U.S.

A year later, we became an authorized SMART reseller and were the first networking company to offer SMART Boards to our customers. For over a decade we have been selling, installing, and supporting SMART Boards throughout Texas and Oklahoma. We understand a successful SMART project is more than being the lowest bidder. Our deployments come in on time, on budget, and are designed to help our clients accomplish their objectives, whatever those may be. Our SMART Certified Instructors provide training and professional development for all levels of users and administrators and can provide customized learning plans for your school or business.

Contact us today to find out how SMART technology solutions from Avinext can benefit your school district or business.