Video Conferencing

Interacting with remote clients, colleagues or classrooms has never been easier.

Spotty audio or unclear videoconferences can wreak havoc on meetings or make lesson plans difficult to understand in the classroom.   With over 25 years of networking experience, Avinext understands how to successfully design and deliver voice and video services across your network or enterprise.  With Avinext, you can rest assured that collaboration is the focus of your meetings and not technical problems inherent in poorly designed solutions.

Avinext partners with leading companies like Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft, and SMART Technologies to enable new ways of learning and collaboration.  We provide unified communication solutions that streamline the user experience into apps like Microsoft Lync or Cisco Jabber and provide a consistent interface whether on a computer, laptop, iPad or smart phone.  Presentations and meetings can be recorded and easily replayed to reinforce concepts, catch-up on missed classes or meetings or share on demand with colleagues and co-workers.

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