We can improve communications within your business or classroom.

Avinext is committed to bringing the best A/V solutions to your business or classroom.

When you utilize the best in audio/visual equipment, you can truly realize positive results on business productivity or classroom learning. In a business, your employees can work with higher efficiency when they can communicate clearly and quickly via teleconferencing with remote employees to create presentations and reports as well as brainstorm on new ideas. In the classroom, teachers and students communicate better when the lessons are presented on interactive white boards, where the visuals support the lesson and students stay engaged by interacting electronically.

That’s why Avinext has teamed up with several leading audio/visual industry leaders to provide you with the best A/V solutions possible including:

System Integration
Our experienced Systems Integration team can create a customized A/V system to ensure your business or classroom is running at its optimum capacity. Read more…

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is a viable option to cut business expenses and keep your remote teams or branch offices connected. Read more…

Physical Security
IP Video Surveillance solutions from Avinext provide on-site and remote viewing capabilities to ensure nothing happens on your premises you don’t know about so you can protect your business or campus from internal and external threats. Read more…